"We had three shooting days with Anna and Xavier, and we absolutely enjoyed it. Working with them was delightful and quite relaxing. Anna is an amazing photographer who always pursues perfection, not only during photo shooting, but also during retouch. I wish all the best to Anna and  Xavier, having couples doing business makes Santorini a more romantic place, full of love."



    "This day was perfect and the photos you captured are absolutely incredible. We were lucky to have you as our photographer!! Thank you so much! I wanted to add that our reception was last weekend here in Portland, OR and we showed the slide show. The whole room was either gasping or in tears. Literally every person was blown away by your photos and we are incredibly proud of them. Thank you so much Anna - you very much exceeded our expectations!"



    "The moment I saw you at the airport, I hugged you and it felt like I’ve known you forever.   Your photos captured the moments of our day, moments that will be kept forever thanks to your remarkable talent, but also thanks to your perspective of the wedding day, and the importance of every detail in it!   You are talented, passionate,fashionable, audacious,  friendly, and we were very lucky that YOU was OUR photographer!!  



    "By now, anyone thinking about working with Anna, already knows she is a brilliant just by looking at her photos. Aside from her talent as a photographer, what makes her so special is her attention to detail and her ability to put people at ease. Anna’s talent rivals the best of what I’ve seen in the industry, and yet she is so humble. This is such a refreshing quality and I believe it is why she is so successful. Anna and Xavier will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your Love Story photo session the at the ceremony they will take not only the most gorgeous photos…they will capture the best moments for lasting memories you will treasure."


  • Genna & Konrad

    "Anna & Xavier, wow what an unexpected surprise you two were. I knew from seeing your website that you were talented, but what you have done for us has gone beyond talent, you brought beauty and happiness to our special day, we expected a photographer and a cameraman, but instead found the most amazing people! We love how hands on you were, how comfortable you made us feel, the laughter we shared and then seeing the finished product...WOW... we loved our video and photos, and found such amazing friends in you two. We wish we could have packed you in our bags! We definitely booking you for when we have our first baby, even if we have to fly to Greece."



    "Thank you for creating beautiful memories of our wedding. It is truly special to have our emotions captured in the moment by the lens of your camera. It has been exciting to share your work with our friends and family. Not only were they amazed by the photography and videography but everyone said they were able to feel the emotions of the day as if they were there with us. We are grateful to you for giving us something tangible to remind us of our love for one another.

    It was such a pleasure to have you and Xavier as part of our celebration!"



    "Thank you so much Anna for producing such a stunning set of photos for us. It was such a pleasure having you be our photographer. Your creativity, natural style and fun-loving personality made the photoshoot so enjoyable and memorable for us. Your photos capture the joyous moments with a sense of such timelessness. Each time we look at our photos, we remember clearly the laughs, the fun, and the ease you made us feel in front of the camera. We went to Santorini hoping for a few nice photos but we left with so much more. Many thanks once again!"



    "Finding the right photographer and videographer, particularly for a destination wedding, can be difficult, and we searched a while to find someone that shared our specific vision for how we wanted our photos and video to look. We knew right away when we saw Anna and Xavier's website that they were the right choice - their work immediately stood out, and had that indefinable quality and style that you can't describe, but know when you see it. They were so professional to work with, and their photographs and wedding movies are simply amazing. They managed to capture not just the events of the day, but its underlying mood and spirit as well - which was simultaneously elegant and romantic, deeply emotional, and wonderfully playful and fun."



    "From the first contact we made with Anna till the day she shared the photos with us, everything was perfect from her side. She was very prompt in all her replies, full of bright and innovative ideas, energetic and passionate about her work during the shooting day and most importantly she made us both felt very comfortable and relaxed during the shoot itself, which was key to produce the results we wanted. In the end we got more than what we bargained for as the 'moments' she captured with her camera were just beautiful and very very much to our liking. Anna, once again many many thanks to you for the fantastic photos you did for us. You made it very very memorable for us."



The most important for us is to know that you are happy!Every couple is unique and that is what we love about our work the most – it is never the same!Our goal is to capture your feelings and emotions, keep them alive and make you feel them again when you watch pictures or videos.We become friends with most of our clients, we keep in touch even though we are living on different continents,

because each photo or video shooting is like a little life.

We will be always glad to hear your thoughts about time we spent together!