Daniel and Kate came from Malaysia for their pre-wedding photo shooting in Santorini, Greece! I was very glad that their choice stopped on me and from very beginning I felt like something good is cooking here….;)

In one of the first Daniel’s e-mails to me he wrote:

“I googled up ISPWP. And I checked the profiles/websites of photographers who can work in Santorini. I saw your website and your work. And I also like your quote ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ . That is how I decided to send in an enquiry 😉 “

From this moment it was clear to me, that with this guys we will have a lot of fun ;)) We exchanged many e-mails and did several Skype calls to get know each other better. What I liked about Daniel and Kate the most as how well organize they were. We discussed different concepts for the photo shooting and they brought really nice props (so many props!!)) They were preparing to our photo shooting for several days, trying to take pictures of each other and practice..;)

During the shooting we decided to visit 3 locations.  I was amazed how fast they relaxed in from of the camera, I think it took them 30 shots…and they felt already like fish in the water;)) They were so sensual, natural and beautiful!! I guess few days of practice helped a lot! J  We had a lot of fun! We were laughing so much, I think I made my abdominals stronger this day!

One of our location was the black beach named Perissa, where we took great shots by the sea…because it was end of April, there were nobody around, so it was just perfect for the  photo shooting, but… our day was not without an adventure!When we finish our photo set on the beach we jumped back in the car and were ready to go quickly to Imirovigly village to capture some sunset photos… BUT when  Daniel pressed the gas, we realized that car wasn’t moving..then he pressed it again and dust came in from the windows and here we understood that we parked on the sand!! and now our front wheels are totally stuck…That was a huge DOZE of adrenaline!! As I mentioned before there were very few people on the beach and all tavernas and cafes were closed…! We stared digging the send, but nothing was helping..! But I don’t know why, I had a good feeling about all that…Because things couldn’t go wrong when you are with great people and when you have positive energy! You won’t believe but in few minutes few greek guys (very strong!) appeared in front of us!)  They helped us to remove the send and then pushed the car back on the road! We were so lucky … we were laughing so much on our way to Imirovigly.. what a story, what a memories!!… Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of us digging the send and pushing the car, but I think we will all remember  this story for very long time !

We  arrived to Imerovigly right on time, after very nice walk around the village and great shots with gentle sunset light we headed back to the Hotel, where Daniel and Kate did refreshing jump in the Swimming Pool!!!..right in the clothes!))) A lot of smiles,passion, love and humor: Kate and Daniel!

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